Hello guys, I miss you all ❤️

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Hello guys

First of all I need to tell that I love you all so much and I’m blessed for all, I know that these days of tumblr was the best days of my life, where I met so many people that now, I consider friend and I’ll miss you all so much but now I have a life, a real life and it’s my last year of school, with my friends and a boy. I just don’t have time for beeing here like I used to be, I don’t have time to edit or I just don’t care about new pictures of Ariana, she is a great idol but probably I don’t really care about what she does anymore and that makes me sad too because I really love her but I can’t anymore and i’m sorry for that, no one will care about this or read this but I love you all and i’ll miss you so much ❤️

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please don’t base my singing skill off how I sing along at concerts because that’s not singing that’s hysteria




The rape rate of the United States is four times higher than that of Pakistan but you have white people more concerned about saving those “helpless” brown women from brown men in another continent under thinly veiled racism. You don’t care for these women; you only need a reason to justify your racism. On both sides, women continue suffering.

I never meant to start a war, I just wanted you to let me in 👊❤️

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Ariana on Ellen!